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What Effects Did the Program Have on Key Outcomes?

As a minimum, the assessments made at the completion of a pulmonary rehabilitation program should be repeated at the completion of the program. These include:

  • Measurement of exercise capacity:
    • Repeat the same exercise test used to assess the patient’s exercise capacity before the program (ie. the Six-Minute Walking Test [6MWT] or the Incremental Shuttle Walking Test [ISWT]).
    • Dyspnoea scores and oxygen saturation (SpO2)% should be recorded before and at the end of the 6MWT or ISWT.
  • Measurement of health-related quality of life
    • Repeat the same quality of life questionnaire used to assess the patient’s quality of life before the program (e.g. the St George’s Respiratory Questionnaire or the Chronic Respiratory Disease Questionnaire).