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Information and Patient Support

Lung Foundation Australia has over 300 pulmonary rehabilitation programs and over 80 Lungs in Action* programs registered. These locations and their program details can be viewed via interactive map that can be accessed, here.

By typing  your address in the search bar the map will bring up all the programs in your area.

Some of the information you will find within the map includes:

  • Exact location and access details
  • Referral criteria and instructions
  • Program delivery details such as day/times and length of program
  • Program contact details

If you would like to have your pulmonary rehabilitation program included into the map or would be interested in setting up a Lungs in Action maintenance class, please contact enquiries@lungfoundation.com.au or call 1800 654 301.

* Lungs in Action is a community based maintenance program for individuals who have undergone pulmonary or heart failure rehabilitation. For more information please click here.