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How Can I Obtain Funding?

The Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) Tier 2, Item number:40.60 for pulmonary rehabilitation

  • The IHPA Tier 2 number is the only dedicated public funding for pulmonary rehabilitation programs currently available in Australia. This funding is only available to hospital-based programs or programs provided as outreach services from hospitals.  Potential sources of funding to help establish a program could include Independent Hospital Pricing Authority Tier 2: Pulmonary Rehabilitation HPA Fact Sheet
  • Private health funds.
  • Dept. of Veteran Affairs initiatives.
  • Grant / project funding.
  • Local Area Health funding.
  • Chronic and complex care funding.
  • Aged care funding.
  • Commonwealth rehabilitation services.
  • Medicare initiatives (e.g. Medicare-Plus, Team Care-2, EPC, etc…).