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Nutrition and Health Eating


At the end of the session, the participant will be able to:

  • Define a healthy diet.
  • Identify why healthy eating is important for people who have lung conditions.
  • State how to improve their own nutritional intake.
  • Identify energy boosting foods.
  • Identify potential nutritional issues common in lung disease and how to manage these.
  • Identify associated link to quantity and quality of foods that increase breathlessness.



This session may be facilitated by a dietitian or respiratory nurse.




Introduction.Importance of a healthy diet, especially for people with lung conditions.

What is a healthy weight for height (BMI)?

BMI range chart for adults.

Better Living with COPD (Ch 15).

A healthy diet.Tips for healthy eating.

Explain food groups.
Examples of food groups.
Better Living with COPD (Ch 15).
The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating Guide.
Modification of eating habits.Meal planning.

Energy boosting food.

Healthy cooking methods.

Food labels.

Size and frequency of meals in the context of breathlessness.

Dispelling common dietary myths eg. Milk & mucus.

Better Living with COPD (Ch 15).

Queensland Health Nutrition Education Materials Online (NEMO) website.

Food packages.

Summary and discussion.Individualisation of meal plan depending on overweight versus underweight.NEMO website