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Home Oxygen


At the end of the session, the participant will develop an understanding of:

  • The role of oxygen in managing COPD and indications for the prescription of oxygen.
  • The benefits of using oxygen, not a cure for breathlessness.
  • Different oxygen delivery systems, travel and safety guidelines.



This session may be facilitated by a respiratory nurse, doctor or physiotherapist.





– What oxygen is.
Oxygen in air.

Energy source.

Blood transport.

Normal levels in blood – SpO2 (oxygen saturation by pulse oximeter).
Better Living with COPD (Ch 14).
Indications for oxygen prescription.Scientific basis of oxygen use in COPD to prolong survival.

Minimal requirements if oxygen is low at rest.
Nocturnal oxygen therapy trial group, 1980.
Report of Medical Research Council working party, 1981.

Prescription for home oxygen.
Oxygen delivery systems.Concentrators.

Portable concentrators.

Large cylinders.

Portable cylinders.

Conservation devices.

Pictures / devices for demonstration.

Nasal prongs, masks.
Travel with oxygen.Travel with concentrator/cylinder.

Secure oxygen during car travel.

Flight testing with doctor.

Airline provisions.

Safety guidelines.Cleaning and maintenance.

Concentrator placement.

Naked flames.


Burns photos.
Summary and discussion.Energy company rebate.